Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Black-tailed Prairie Dogs at Grasslands: Late July

Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada: The Black-tailed Prairie Dog colonies are even more active than they were in early summer. Young prairie dogs play on the mounds and run across the grass and roads.

The purple milk vetch has finished blooming, and their meadows now extend green and brown to the edges of the hill and coulees.

Prairie Dog late July Grasslands
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog at Grasslands © SB 
This prairie dog below looks familiar to me... I think I caught him last month, too. (Or maybe all black-tailed prairie dogs look the same...) 

Black-tailed Prairie dog late July
Black-tailed prairie dog warily watching me... © SB 

What are these? 
Black-tailed Prairie Dogs  
Location: Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan  
Photo dates: Late June and late July, 2011. 

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