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A note about copyright related to Saskatchewan prairie wildlife, including birds, animals and other creatures on my Prairie Nature blog:

I hold the copyright for the content on these pages, whether photographs, drafts of poems, articles, or other blog posts (except for the obvious, e.g., book covers and other people's comments and thoughts, for which copyright resides elsewhere).

All rights are reserved, and photographs and other content may not be used or redistributed unless appropriate arrangements have been made with me. So if you want to place any of these images in reports, textbooks, classroom materials, flash cards, magazines, newsletters, web pages or any other printed or online/electronic media, please contact me first to negotiate that usage.

As a writer and photographer, I enjoy sharing my experiences and observations of the world around me. However, I recognize that the Internet is seen by many as an all-you-can-eat, free-content buffet. Please understand that this is not always — or even often — the case.

And seriously, I am happy to share — and delighted to find people who are interested in these same areas —  but fair is fair. It takes time to produce the work displayed here, and in many cases, licensing arrangements are available. (Generally, there will be no charge for personal use, but an invoice will typically accompany organizational, commercial or for-profit use.)

Thanks and happy reading!

© Shelley Banks

All rights reserved. No material from PrairieNature.blogspot.com may be reproduced or distributed in any form without my express written permission.

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