Monday, October 10, 2011

Frost and migration

Regina, Saskatchewan:  Frost and migration — two signs of true fall. Finally, the weather is changing. After a long stretch of hot weather, daytime highs are dropping to the low teens, with lows edging to zero and below.

Yesterday, there was frost in the garden, tipping the edges of the oregano, thyme and parsley sugar-crystal white.

Oregano flowers, hit by frost - photo by Shelley Banks
Frost crystals on tiny oregano flowers © SB 
Oregan leaves, tipped in frost - photo by Shelley Banks
Oregano leaves tipped with frost    © SB 

Birds are migrating, too. Canada geese wheel over our house — on the way to fields to feed, I hope. Is it really time for them to start south?

Geese. Migration - photo by Shelley Banks
Flying somewhere... © SB 

Fall: A restless time of year.

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