Friday, November 11, 2011

House Finches: Scarlet, Rose and Yellow

With the first snow, the House Finch flocks to feeders, their rose, scarlet and yellow feathers a bright flash of colour against the dull winter sky.

These sparrow-sized birds are fairly common here, and all of these photos were taken through our dining room window, looking out onto the lilac bushes in the backyard. It was snowing lightly, and the white blurs, streaks and spots in the images are snowflakes — and the birds have their feathers fluffed up because of the cold.

What are these? House Finches. The first two are red/rose, the next three a bright scarlet/orange, and the last House Finch, a golden yellow. 
Location: Regina, Saskatchewan. 
Photo dates: November 6, 2011. 


1 comment:

  1. I absolutely adore these little fellows. We have an orangey one that perches atop a spruce and sings to us. I just love it when he is around. :)


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