Thursday, November 17, 2011

Purplish Copper Butterfly on Canada Goldenrod

A summer image to banish the cold: Purplish Copper Butterfly on Canada Goldenrod.

And all those colours in the insect's name? That's its full name, not just its description. I searched for this butterfly by colour, patterns, wing shape, spots and location, and from that, identified the Purplish Copper (aka Lycaena helloides). 

This butterfly is found in Saskatchewan — and from the Great Lakes area across the Prairies/Plains to B.C. and California.

Purplish Copper on Canada Goldenrod 
Oddly, one of my best sources of information, with a clear confirming image, was based somewhere this butterfly is, in fact, endangered: In Ohio. (The Toledo Zoo houses the last population in the state.)

Do we always value what we;re losing — or don't have — more than what flutters frequently around us?

What is this? Purplish Copper Butterfly, aka Lycaena helloides, on Canada Goldenrod
Location: Last Mountain Lake Wildlife Area,Saskatchewan. 
Photo dates: September 17, 2011. 



  1. Wow... I have just come across your blog and your images are amazing... I am also so very pleased to find you are a fellow Saskatchewanite :-)... as a person who does some writing myself, I will be checking out this and your other blogs often over the next while as I find time... wonderful! Oh... and I'm going to add you as a link on my blog too.

  2. Thanks so much for dropping by, Heather! I really appreciate the feedback. (And good luck with your writing, too!)


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