Monday, January 2, 2012

White-tailed jackrabbits in my neighbourhood

White-tailed jackrabbits live in my Regina neighbourhood. I see them when I'm driving in winter after dark (they dash across the road or run beside me) and pre-dawn, from my living room window (they forage in our yard and at the neighbour's).

Winter is the best time to see these large prairie hares — at least, that's when I see more here. The sun sets now at about 5 p.m. and doesn't rise till after 9 a.m., so nights are long and jackrabbits are nocturnal.

First light of the day, first white-tailed jackrabbit
of the year, on the neighbour's snowbank. 

Grizzled gray, with black-tipped ears.  

Pink nose, black ears, hiding on the sidewalk
across the street from my house. 

What is this? White-tailed jackrabbit or prairie hare.
Location: Regina,Saskatchewan.
Photo dates: New Year's Day, 2012


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