Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blue Snow Goose or Hybrid? A Mystery to Me!

Mystery goose with other lake geese   © SB  
A strange white-necked goose swam with the regular Canada geese on Regina's Wascana Lake in late March.

Its head was white, too, and from the shape of its bill, it looked like a Snow Goose to me.

But I know very little about such things...

From what I've read, however, there are two colour patterns of Snow Geese — the white morph and the blue morph.

White is easy: These birds are primarily white.

Blue, less so. These bird are partly white, and partly gray-brown.

(It was the same size as the others on the lake, which looked like small Canada Geese, so perhaps they were Cackling; I don't really know.)

These are my clearest images; not great, but this mystery bird was far across the lake.

Mystery goose with Cackling Geese and Tundra Swan,
Wascana Lake, Regina.  © SB

What is this?  A goose. Perhaps a Blue Morph Snow Goose.  
Location: Wascana Lake, Regina, Saskatchewan.  
Photo date: March 29, 2012. 


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