Monday, April 16, 2012

Horned Grebes at Condie Nature Refuge

Near Regina, Saskatchewan: A pair of Horned Grebes rode the waves on the lake at the Condie Nature Refuge on Sunday morning. 

They floated low on the water and the shape of their heads was distinctly unducklike, so I was hoping to see grebes when the images were enlarged.

It was fun to see the pictures emerge and realize that these Horned Grebes were in full mating feathers. Yes, I know — it's that time of year. But a naturalist, I am not! 

Apparently, Horned Grebes can raise and lower their behind-the-eye feathers at will — and when raised, they really look like horns.  

Horned Grebe at Condie Nature Refuge, SK.© SB

What are these?  Horned Grebes.
Location: Condie Nature Refuge, north of Regina, Saskatchewan.
Photo date: April 15, 2012. 

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