Wednesday, May 2, 2012

White-Throated Sparrow: Canada Songbird

White-Throated Sparrows have arrived in our backyard, singing their Canada song. (At least, that's how the bird guides "oh-sweet-Canada" describe it, and Gord calls them the Canada Bird, so that must be right.)

From a distance, White-Throated Sparrows look like White-Crowned Sparrows. To me, at least. When these songbirds are in the branches of the lilac tree, and I am perhaps not totally attentive.

Up close, there are a few significant difference, such as the bright yellow spot above the eye and their clearly defined white throat patch.

Apparently, these forest sparrows breed mostly across Canada — so why not call White-Throated Sparrows Canada birds?

White-Throated Sparrow - Canada songbird.©SB
White-Throated Sparrow - 
looks white-whiskered to me! ©SB

What is this?  White-Throated Sparrow 
Location: Backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Photo date: April 30, 2012. 


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