Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Black-billed Cuckoo Hiding in Branches

A Black-billed Cuckoo hid behind branches at the bend on the hill, where Seven Bridges Road leads down into the valley near Lumsden, Saskatchewan. The bird watched me, then flew to deeper shelter, behind a sturdy branch that blocked my view of its bill and long tail feathers.

These secretive birds breed in Saskatchewan in summer, but I've never heard their call. 

Black-billed Cuckoo, hiding behind a slender branch.  © SB

Black-billed Cuckoo, offering a glimpse
of its long tail feathers and red eye.  
© SB  

What is this bird? A Black-billed Cuckoo
Location: Along Seven Bridges Road, near Lumsden, Saskatchewan. 
Photo dates:  July 26, 2012.  


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