Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Prairie Hawk with Fresh Kill

Swainson's Hawk with kill on fencepost © SB 
The Swainson's Hawk lifted slowly into the air from its fence post when I drove past, only to land a few posts further down the gravel road.

Until I passed that post.

And then again, the hawk rose.

And again.

When I slowed to take a picture of this hawk at the fourth (and for me, final) post, I saw why it might have been flying such short distances with each lurch into the sky.

The heavy weight of dinner. A fresh kill. Something once furred, now degloved, lay beneath its claws.


And yes, I'm pretty sure this is a Swainson's Hawk... 

But as for the prey, it looks like a lot of meat for a gopher... Who knows? 

What is this?  A Swainson's Hawk. With prey.    
Location: South of Chaplin, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Photo date: June 29, 2012.  


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