Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aurora Borealis over Regina, Saskatchewan: Fall Display

Recently, I caught the green and pink glow of the Aurora Borealis flickering over Regina, Saskatchewan.

Face of the Aurora Borealis.  © SB

With winter coming, I monitor the web for alerts for the Aurora Borealis for the Regina area, but most times the Northern Lights appear, our local skies are cloudy. When this vibrant show hit a few weeks back, however, I lucked out. I stepped outside just after sunset and saw green lights wavering across the darkness above me. We immediately got out our cameras and headed out of town. It was a mild evening, and we stayed out for several hours. (Mild = very cold in ski jackets by the time we came home, but not totally frozen...)

Here are some other thumbnails from that amazing display. The first image at left shows the green and pink Northern Lights over the Big Dipper. Click to open them on my Flickr photostream:

Northern Lights across the Big DipperSky full of Northern LightsWaving line of Northern Lights

Northern Lights - Dancing dollExplosion of Northern Lights
Northern Lights with full moon

What are these? Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.
Location: Slightly beyond the city lights of Regina, Saskatchewan.
Photo date: September 30, 2012.



  1. Beautiful shots Shelley! Love the dancing doll. I didn't know you could check the web for alerts... must do this so I can show our daughter. I remember once in the 70's a night when the AB were hot pink and bright green... have never seen them as vivid since. It was amazing.

  2. Thanks, Tracy! An active cycle for sun spots (and auroras) is said to be coming up, so worth checking.


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