Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hoar Frost: Close Up of Delicate Crystals

Seen through a macro lens, hoar frost is amazing, an intricate network of varied ice crystals.

We often get hoar frost on the Prairies, on those winter (and yes, fall and spring, too) days when early morning ice fog condenses, freezes, grows on plants, grasses, trees. But I don't always stop, take a deep breath, and look...

And so today, a couple of images taken with a macro lens (click to enlarge) to show this delicate beauty on a leaf and branches:

Hoar frost growing from a dried leaf.   © SB

Frost on a branch against the winter sky. © SB 

For more pictures — and to see the thumbnails below in more macro-lens detail — see my Hoar Frost Flickr set.


What is this? Macro details of hoar frost.

Location: Near Muenster, Saskatchewan. 
Photo dates:  February 2013


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos Shelley!! We had hoar frost here yesterday. We had fog too... I much prefer it's beauty with a bright blue sky! :)


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