Thursday, April 18, 2013

First Robin Near Regina - Finally Spring!

I finally saw my first American Robin of the year in the Qu'Appelle Valley near Regina, Saskatchewan. (I'd heard rumours of these birds in various part of the city, but they still haven't come near my backyard.)

And so, I present: Robin on a wire fence.

American Robin. Photo © Shelley Banks, all rights reserved.
Beneath the robin, snow. Behind the robin, snow...   © SB

There's something about their beady stare that makes me nervous around robins...

Or, perhaps I feel that way because I have some past history with these birds. Back when I lived in Montreal, one of the local robins became an attack bird with only one target: Me. And these are birds with very long memories...

Still, it's lovely to see robins return. It must really be (almost) spring.

What is this? American Robin.
Location: Near Craven, Saskatchewan, Canada.  
Photo date: April 13, 2013.


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  1. Oh happy days! I saw our first robin on the 9th but they haven't been into my daylily leaves to start building their nests yet. Too darn chilly even for nest building. I'll be certain to close out the screen with your picture on the sidebar - just in case a robin is peeking in the window. Word gets around, ya know. :)


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