Friday, April 5, 2013

Richardson's Ground Squirrel — with snowball

I saw this Richardson's Ground Squirrel two days ago when I was driving grid roads north of Regina, looking for Horned Larks and other spring birds.

He (or she?) popped up from a decaying snowbank to watch me... first his head, then his whole body.

And then the gopher (which is what we call the RGS in Saskatchewan) stood, a snowball in his hands. "Watch it, human. I have a snowball and I know how to use it!"

Or perhaps this is just ice, caught in his wee paw.

Richardson's Ground Squirrel, aka gopher, with snowball in his paw. photo  © Shelley Banks, all rights reserved.
Richardson's Ground Squirrel, aka gopher.   © SB

What is this? Richardson's Ground Squirrel, aka prairie gopher. 
Location: Grid road north of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.   
Photo date: April 3, 2013. 


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