Thursday, May 23, 2013

Harris's Sparrow: May Backyard Sparrows, Regina SK (3)

Today's May Bird: Harris's Sparrow. I saw only one, but it posed well for me!

These birds, with their distinctive black face, throat and chest markings, are typically found only in the middle of North America — and breed only in Canada.

Harris' Sparrows also have that peculiar (to me) way of running forward while scratching backwards for food that many native sparrows display, and stop-motion moments are rare in my backyard.

Harris's Sparrow. Photo © Shelley Banks, all rights reserved.
Harris's Sparrow - taking a break in my backyard, during migration
from the southern U.S. to the Canadian Arctic.   © SB 

What is this?  Harris's Sparrow
Location: Backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Photo date: May 11, 2013. 


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