Thursday, August 29, 2013

Horned Larks in Prairie Dog Town, Grasslands National Park

Horned Larks and Long-billed Curlews saunter through Black-tailed Prairie Dog towns in the early morning, even before the Prairie Dogs are up and playing. (What attracts these birds? Bugs? Droppings, which lead to bugs?)

First, a clear shot of a Horned Lark on a fence post, taken along a southern Saskatchewan road last summer.

Fence post sentinel, a male Horned Lark along a rural Saskatchewan road. © SB
And, second, a shot of a Horned Lark in Grasslands National Park, perched on the entry to... Yes, a Black-tailed Prairie Dog burrow.

Standing guard - Horned Lark in the Prairie Dog town. © SB

Burrowing Owls are also among the birds drawn to these towns — they borrow old burrows as nests. 

What are these birds? Horned Larks
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada (In Grasslands National Park, and along a rural road.)
Photo date: June 29, 2012, and June 25, 2013.   Prairie Passages Tour


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