Friday, October 11, 2013

White-tailed Deer: Hunting Season (Is it safe to come out???)

I don't know when hunting season opens — nor do I want to know, as I'm far from convinced that shooting animals with anything other than cameras is a good thing — but this White-tailed Deer seems deeply, and probably justifiably, concerned!

This doe was photographed with two fawns in Cypress Hills Inter-provincial Park (Alberta and Saskatchewan), as she and her young — one tan, one grey — wandered through a deserted and closed-for-the-season campground.

A White-tailed Deer, a doe, hiding
(less than successfully( behind a tree...  © SB

What is this? A White-tailed Deer — a doe, mother of two fawns. 
Location: Near the edge of the West Block, Cypress Hills Inter-Provincial Park (Alberta and Saskatchewan) .
Photo date: October 10, 2013.

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