Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Chickadee in Saskatchewan

First, a confession: I adore Black-capped Chickadees. I have even frozen my fingers feeding them — and while I don't like the burn of frostbite, I love the dry rasp of their claws on my skin.

The chickadees in my Regina backyard are shy and skittish. One sound, and they are gone.

The chickadees that live at St. Peter's Abbey in Muenster, Saskatchewan, however, are completely, delightfully tamed. And gorgeous.

Black-capped chickadee © SB

What is this? Black-capped Chickadee 
Location: Near Muenster, Saskatchewan, Canada
Photo date: November 22, 2012. 


Monday, January 14, 2013

Common Redpolls: Winter Prairie Visitors

Common Redpoll
in seed-scattered snow © SB
This winter, small flocks of Common Redpolls have graced our bird feeder in Regina, Saskatchewan.

These small northern songbirds nest in the Artic, and spend the winter further south in balmy climates like ours, where the temperature ranges down to minus 30C, and below.

Both males and females in this finch family have dark red caps; in addition, the males also sport bright rosy breasts.

In our yard, at least, the Redpolls have been ground feeders — scurrying across the snow to peck at seed tossed down by our regular avian visitors, the House Sparrows.

Common Redpoll fluffed up against the cold. © SB

What are these? Common Redpolls
Location: Backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Photo date: January 11, 2013. 


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