Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Arrival: A Junco Flies into my Yard

Bird of the day — a Dark-eyed Junco, the first one I've seen in our yard since last October.

They must be flying north again, for summer!

I love the gray tones of this male Junco - gray on gray, with pink beak.  © SB

This one was alone, a very cautious male with no visible mate or companions.

Female Dark-eyed Junco, taken in October, 2013. © SB

But, for the record, here's a female Dark-eyed Junco that came through our yard with a small group of Juncos in October, just before the snow came.

What are these? Dark-eyed Slate-coloured Juncos.   
Location: My backyard, Regina,Saskatchewan.  
Photo dates: March 22, 2014; October 19, 2013. 


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