Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Venus and the Moon, Rising before the Sun

Three weeks ago, when the moon was a sliver that rose at sunrise, I watched it glide up through my east-facing window with the planet Venus glowing before it.

The old Moon chasing Venus through the sunrise sky. © SB  

A woman at lunch later that day noticed my camera and asked if I'd seen the early morning sky — deep blue over an apricot horizon, lit by a crescent and star.

She'd pulled over on her way to work in the Abbey kitchen, stopped her car at the edge of the grid road and watched Venus, the Moon, the Sun, rise.

Sometime, we are not alone.

What is this? Night sky - a conjunction of the Moon and Venus. 
Location: Outside my window at St. Peter's Abbey, Muenster, Saskatchewan.
Photo dates: February 26, 2014. 


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