Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gadwalls at Dusk in Wascana Park

Last night, I walked through Wascana Park and saw a pair of Gadwalls in the fenced waterfowl area.

At first glance, these big gray-brown ducks are less than spectacular, compared — just for example — to the common Mallard... But look closer at the male's velvety feathers and striking black tail, and at the female's crisp plumage.

Female Gadwall rising in the water, dusk in the Wascana Waterfowl Park   © SB

Gadwalls at dusk in the Wascana Waterfowl Park   © SB

Male Gadwall in clearer lighting, near Lumsden, SK  © SB

What are these? Gadwalls.
Location: (top), Wascana Park, Regina, and (bottom) 
near Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada.  
Photo date: Top two: May 30, 2014; bottom, April 21, 2012. 


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