Monday, September 15, 2014

July's Full Buck Moon — and Young Buck with Velvety Antlers

White-tailed Deer, with new velvet antler. ©  SB 

I saw the young White-tailed Deer one afternoon only, and that was on the day of the July Supermoon.

By coincidence, one of the many names for the July full moon is the Full Buck Moon, so named because July is the time when male deer begin to grow their new antlers.

And this White-tailed deer, posing in the field, sported a lustrous, velvety, curling pair.

(My thanks to the driver who slowed down, then reversed out of the lane when he realized I was carrying my camera gear, hoping for a photo of this White-tailed Deer. He called softly to me as he drove away from us: "Wouldn't want to scare him!")

July Supermoon - aka Full Buck Moon - rising through a haze
of northern  forest fire smoke = pink! © SB 

Supermoon on the rise!  

A Supermoon appears significantly larger (perhaps 15%) than a regular full moon, and occurs when the moon is at its closest point to Earth in its eliptical orbit. (There were Supermoons this year in August and September, too.)

What is this? Male White-tailed Deer, with new velvety growth of antlers. With the July Supermoon. 
Location: Near Muenster, Saskatchewan, Canada  
Photo dates: July 12, 2014. 



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