Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Aurora over Regina - St. Patrick's Day Geomagnetic Storm

One advantage of living at the north end of a small prairie city like Regina, SK, is that light pollution—while intense, even here—doesn't always block the aurora. Dims it, yes, but when there is a good show, I can often see it from my backyard. Unless the clouds move in, as they did tonight...

Low and faint Aurora Borealis over my garage roof. The small W-shaped constellation in the middle
above the tree left of the garage is Lacerta, the lizard, also called Little Cassiopeia.  

This show was forecast to be intense, and was far brighter before I set up the camera. Before, there was a bright green arc in the north; after, only a few flickers of light. 

It will likely be brighter later—and would certainly be more magnificent out of the city! But the Northern Lights always come in waves, and tonight the clouds and my fatigue have won. 

What is this? The Aurora 
Location: Backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  
Photo date: March 17/18, 2015.


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