Sunday, April 12, 2015

Common Mergansers in Flight

A pair of Common Mergansers swan along the melted strip of water on a lake near Regina, SK, and then lifted into the air.

Like many ducks, the Mergansers at first seemed ungainly in flight, with lots of fast flapping instead of the slow glides of other birds. But look closer and note how beautifully streamlined they are.

Pair of Common Mergansers in flight near Regina  ©SB
Common Mergansers, like a pair of jet airliners  ©SB
Graceful Mergansers in flight. 
The female in front, has a brown head and gray markings;
the male has high contrast white and dark,  © SB

What are these? Common Merganser
Location: Condie Nature Refuge, near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 
Photo dates: April 11, 2015. 


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