Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lincoln's Sparrows: Regina's April Backyard Birds

Lincoln's Sparrow stopping by for a snack.  ©SB
Lincoln's Sparrows are visiting my Regina, SK, backyard today.

Yeah for migration!

These little "drab but handsome" birds usually stop here in April through early May on their way to their more northern summer breeding grounds.

I enjoy watching Lincoln's Sparrows' perky bobbing movements through the grass and seeds under our feeders.

And I can understand why the Cornell Lab of Ornithology/All About Birds calls them drab but handsome... At a quick glance, I usually can't even see them — even when I know they're there! These dainty little birds blend very well with dirt, dried grass and seeds.

But look closer and they are truly beautiful, with dark, light, gray and coppery feathers.

Lincoln's Sparrow in our Regina, SK, backyard today.  ©SB
Lincoln's Sparrow  ©SB

What are these? Lincoln's Sparrows 
Location: Backyard, Saskatchewan, Canada.  
Photo date: April 25, 2015 and (image at top) May 20, 2014.


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