Friday, April 10, 2015

Red and Orange House Finches in Regina Backyard

We've enjoyed seeing both red and yellow-orange House Finches in our Regina, SK, backyard this spring. Although the red ones are the brightest, they are also the most frequent visitors.  I love seeing these lovely birds flaunting other colours!

One of the yellow-orange House Finches that's visited our lilac bushes  ©SB
A scarlet House Finch and one that's more peachy, feeding during late snow.  ©SB
The male House Finches get the flashy shades; females have softer plain brown streaks.  ©SB
House Finch in April snow.  ©SB
And, one last orange House Finch at the black sunflower feeder.  ©SB

What are these? House Finches
Location: Backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 
Photo dates: April 4-8, 2015. 


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