Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Pair of Mourning Doves Arrive to Feed: Regina SK

Male Mourning Dove, with blue-gray head and nape
and rosy iridescence on his neck.
Regina,  SK, backyard.  ©SB
Home after a two-week visit, I've been hoping for new backyard, Regina, SK, birds — and today I was delighted to see a pair of Mourning Doves pecking at seeds below the bird feeders.

These Mourning Doves appeared to be mates — banding studies suggest they mate for life, however long that may be — and they had slightly different markings.

The male (as indicated by notes in Stokeshad a more pinkish chest and blueish-gray feathers on its crown and nape. He also had bright patches of rosy iridescence on either side of his neck.

The female was a softer tan overall.

Male Mourning Dove, with more rosy/apricot chest shading, neck iridescence and blue head feathers. 
(love those red legs and feet!) ©SB

Pair of Mourning Doves below my Regina, SK, birdfeeder. (Female in front, male at back.) ©SB

This is the second time I've seen these large (compared to most others in spring) graceful birds in our yard.

The first was a Mourning Dove that stopped by in Fall 2013, perhaps on her migration south. She found a spot near the trellis, close to seeds, spent the morning resting, then flew away. (She, I'm guessing, because of her tan-coloured chest and lack of blueish head feathers — but I'm just as likely wrong.)

Visiting Mourning Dove  ©SB

What are these?  Mourning Doves 
Location: Backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.   
Photo dates: Top three images: May 17, 2015; lower image: September 29, 2013.  


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