Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vesper Sparrow: Flash of rust-red on the wings

Vesper Sparrow, watching me from a branch  © SB
Vesper Sparrows sang from branches, perched on picnic tables and watched us from the grass during our trip to Grasslands National Park.

These large sparrows with the rust-red flash on their wings were among the most frequent birds we saw.

I find it interesting that Sibley says "rufous lesser coverts (rarely visible)", as almost all the Vesper Sparrow that I saw had clear — if small — red wing markings...

Perhaps we were lucky, or perhaps these Vesper Sparrows at Grasslands are calm and happy to display their colours...

And yes, they do sing at Vespers (evening time), but also at other times of day.

Vesper Sparrow, posing beside a picnic table, at Grasslands National Park  © SB
Lovely rust and brown Vesper Sparrow.  © SB

What are these birds?  Vesper Sparrows  - Bruants vespérals
Location: Grasslands National ParkSaskatchewan, Canada. 
Photo date:  June 24, 2015.


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