Monday, August 17, 2015

Yellow Warblers in my Regina backyard - my August surprise

Yellow Warbler. She popped up out of the lilac leaves
when I was photographing another bird with its young.
What a lovely surprise!  © SB 
I have mixed feelings about the warblers that have started visiting my backyard in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Yes, Yellow Warblers are particularly stunning!

Bright flashes of light through the tomato garden and lilac trees!

And yet...

Where were the Yellow Warblers all summer? Way up north?

I wonder, are they stopping in to visit now because they are migrating south?

Is there something these Yellow Warblers know that I'm trying to ignore? Something, perhaps, like the coming onset of fall, and what falls after that... Winter?

This Yellow Warbler was checking out the green tomatoes - great camouflage for her.  ©SB

What are these? Yellow Warblers. Female, from the lack of red breast streaks. And so beautiful! 
Location: Backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan. 
Photo dates: August 17 and 16, 2015.


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