Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Super Blood Harvest Moon Lunar Eclipse: September 2015

The full moon, in a full lunar eclipse, near Banff.  © SB
I watched September's full moon rise through clouds near Banff on Sunday, its glow the deep orange-red that comes with a full lunar eclipse.

Because of the moon's position on its orbit, this was a Super Moon, appearing eight percent larger than usual.

Because of the time of year, it's often called the Harvest Moon.

And because of its coppery colour, some call this a Blood Moon.

It was an eerie sight. Even knowing a little of the science behind it, I was in awe.

So beautiful! (And yes, it was visible in Regina, too — even more visible, in fact, as there were no/few clouds and I'm told the moon was easy to see from moon-rise on. But I was in the mountains, a lovely — if at that time cloudier — place to be.)

What is this? The Moon, in almost total eclipse. 
Location: Lac des Arcs, near Banff, Alberta.  
Photo date: September 27, 2015


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