Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Squirrels near Marguerite Lake, Saskatchewan

I went out looking for birds on the day after New Year's, but when I located the chatter coming from tangled branches in an old orchard, I found a tree Squirrel instead. And it wasn't alone — while I took its picture, I heard others chittering in the trees.

Saskatchewan Squirrel. ©Shelley Banks, 2016. All Rights Reserved. (
Squirrel, posing in the sunshine. It left this branch after a while,
and higher in the tree to even brighter light.  © SB 

Natural Neighbours: Selected Mammals of Saskatchewan (2001, Canadian Plains Research Centre), indicates that Red Squirrels are more northern animals, while Fox Squirrels tend to live in the southern part of the province, so that's what this fellow likely is...

The day we saw the squirrels, we'd driven out to see friends near Marguerite Lake, south of Indian Head, Saskatchewan. It was so cool and bright that it felt like fall, and the light and the blue and gold colours everywhere were wonderful. 

A view across a field toward Cherry Lake.   © Shelley Banks
A view across a field toward the lake. (The squirrels were in a thicket of trees
just out of sight, at right.)   © SB
Another look at blue and gold © SB

What is this? A Squirrel
Location: East of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Photo date: January 2, 2016


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