Saturday, April 9, 2016

Another Sharp-shinned Hawk in Regina, SK, backyard

Sharp-shinned Hawk on tree. © copyright Shelley Banks, all rights reserved.
From a distance, the hawk. ©SB
This year's juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk was waiting for sparrows high in my neighbour's tree, rather than devouring them on a trellis in my own garden, as I photographed a few years ago.

We wondered whether a predator had flown in when all the chattering feeder birds suddenly fell silent, then disappeared into hiding spots around the yard.

And there it was, a large dark shape in the evening branches.

It watched me as I walked down the alley to get closer.

It didn't seem bothered by my presence — I was so far below, and on the other side of a high fence. Besides, it was watching for prey.

Three views of a Juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk. © Copyright Shelley Banks, all rights reserved.
Closer telephoto views of my Regina neighbour's backyard hawk - likely a juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk. ©SB

At least, I think this was a Juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk from its colouring and quite bright yellow eyes...  Looks a bit like a Merlin, too, but Sharpies are more likely in backyards, says HawkWatch International, which adds that the eyes are a "telling giveaway."   

What is this? A young Sharp-shinned Hawk - Épervier brun 
Location: In my neighbour's backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan
Photo dates:  February 2, 2016. 



  1. Walking today in the east end Regina thru a park was this bird, it did not fly away as I walked under the tree and stood to watch her.

    1. I've been told there are a couple of hawks - or merlins? - in the park near my house in the northwest, too. What a great time of year!


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