Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring with Bald Eagles in the Qu'Appelle Valley

Today, we saw four Bald Eagles in the Qu'Appelle Valley near Regina, Saskatchewan. One that soared over us was an adult — or near adult, as in a blurry close-up, it looks to have a few mottled feathers, white on the body and brown on the head. A darker juvenile Bald Eagle was circling with it. And, on the valley floor, two more Bald Eagles were walking on still-frozen parts of the creek, their white heads clearly visible from far away.

Bald Eagles in the Qu'Appelle Valley, © Shelley Banks, all rights reserved
Top left, juvenile eagle in flight; top right, adult or near adult.
Bottom, the Qu'Appelle valley. Part of the creek at left was still frozen, and
that's were the other two Bald Eagles are - with several gulls and other birds.
(The eagles are the two black dots, to the right and below the two white dots/gulls.) ©SB

We were interested to see that the Bald Eagles were not the only birds on that part of the creek. There was also a goose, and a small flock of gulls.

And, while I've seen eagles before in the valley, I have never seen so many at one time. Are these heading north, on their spring migration, perhaps?

What are these? Bald Eagles.  
Location: Near Craven, Saskatchewan
Photo dates: April 02, 2016


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