Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Killdeer Calling at Condie Nature Refuge, near Regina

One thing I don't understand about Killdeers: Why do they think that calling so loudly — and calling so much attention to themselves — will keep predators from finding their nests? Isn't there a chance that a supposedly threatening creature (me, for example) might not even know the Killdeer is there until they start their kill-deer, kildir call?

Killdeer. Copyright © Shelley Banks, all rights reserved.
A Killdeer, at Condie Nature Refuge, near Regina, SK

This Killdeer at the Condie Nature Refuge near Regina, SK, started calling as soon as I drove in. I ignored it. Then, when I drove out, it stopped in front of my car and continued to call. Kill-deer, kildir, kill-deer.

Enough, I thought. You want attention. I can't drive over you, so we both have time to kill. Time for a Killdeer photo session. (And what bright red eyes this Prairie plover has! The shorebird we can see without going to the sea.)

What is this? A Killdeer - Pluvier kildir
Location: Condie Nature Refuge, near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Photo date: May 29, 2016


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