Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ross's Goose flying with Canada Geese

Ross's Goose. Copyright © Shelley Banks, all rights reserved.
Ross's Goose flying over a park in Regina, SK  © SB
A small flock of geese circled the park — all brown, except for one white Ross's Goose.

And colour wasn't the only difference: The Ross's Goose was also dramatically smaller than the rest.

Ross's Goose breeds in the Arctic and passes over Saskatchewan on its migratory flight path to and from California and other spots in the southern U.S.

All About Birds says looks like a miniature Snow Goose. None of these were flying in the park for on-the-spot comparison, but the Ross's Goose was certainly far smaller than a Canada Goose!

Ross's Goose with Canada Goose. Copyright © Shelley Banks, all rights reserved.
Tiny Ross's Goose, flying beside a Canada Goose. Regina, SK  © SB 

What is this? Ross's Goose (with a Canada Goose) — Oie de Ross
Location: Lakeridge Park, Regina, Saskatchewan
Photo date: September 10, 2016.


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