Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pelicans in Wascana Creek, Regina, SK

Eight pelicans float in Wascana Creek, Regina, SK
Part of the flock of 15 pelicans in Wascana Creek © SB

I went to the south side of Wascana Creek today to watch the pelicans. There were 15 in the creek when I walked down, with another five or six wheeling in the sky. These are awe-inspiring, huge birds — and much easier to photograph from the lower shore.

Five pelicans swim towards the weir under the Albert Street Bridge, Regina, SK
Waiting for the signal to feed at the weir © SB 

Their symmetry of movement intrigues me. They float in lines, often facing the same way. They bob together, feed together — are they hunting together when they submerge at the same time? Coralling prey?

Magnificent birds.

In the first video below, a pelican breaks away from its group to fly, then one lands into the group that floats by the weir. In the second, the birds feed, their orange throats swelling with... fish? here? I wonder...




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