Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pelicans at the Albert Street Bridge, Regina SK

Three pelicans surfing at the Albert Street Bridge weir in Regina, SK
Three noon pelicans at the weir
west of the Albert Street Bridge, Regina, Saskatchewan. © SB 

Today, seven pelicans fed at the weir west of the Albert Street Bridge in Regina, Saskatchewan.

While one group drifted downstream, the remaining trio floated close to the bridge, heads bobbing in unison, necks stretching underwater — for food flowing from Wascana Lake to Wascana Creek?

View of Albert Street Bridge and water rushing over the weir, Regina, SK
Albert Street Bridge © SB
Three pelicans feeding, Wascana Creek, Regine, SK
Pelicans   © SB 



I do not understand the pelican's unified-head-bobbing syndrome! Any ideas why the pelicans engage in this delightful dance would be welcome! 


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