Friday, September 9, 2011

Black-Crowned Night Heron near Craven SK

Black-Crowned Night Heron, in marsh east of Craven  © SB 

Along Highway 99, East of Craven, Saskatchewan: One of the biggest and most surprising birds I've seen is this Black-Crowned Night Heron. It was lurking in the newly renovated (thanks to this springs' floods) marsh along Highway 99, east of Craven. 

And yes, this is supposed to be a primarily nocturnal bird — but clearly one that doesn't follow all the rules, as it was only 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. — close to our bright prairie noon. 

This bird is huge — more penguin-sized than anything else. It's also very good at hiding — although perhaps not quite as good as it hopes it is... 

I'd stopped along the gravel shoulder to look at a Great Blue Heron that was hanging out further into the marsh, and it wasn't until after that heron flew away that I noticed this one lurking behind a clump of reeds. 

Flower note: They're too blurry to identify, but from the bright pink colour, the flowers in the top photo with the Night Heron may be Water Smartweed

You can't see me! © SB 

What is this? Black-Crowned Night Heron, a very large bird. 
Location: Along Highway 99, East of Craven, yes, Saskatchewan. 
Photo Date: September 4, 2011. 


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