Monday, September 5, 2011

Full House at Thistle Diner

Butterfly on thistle flower - photo by Shelley Banks
Full house at Thistle Diner: Butterfly, fly & bumblebee  

I'd like to describe this picture — the last in a series with these three insects — in terms of a children's cross-genre fantasy epic...

Princess Butterfly recoiled in horror as the steel-plated robot bumblebee crawled closer, his henchman fly guarding the blossom behind him. 

And she does. Recoil, I mean. Her proboscis, that is. Which is coiled, indeed. (And, while I regret any potential gender stereotyping, in this story, the butterfly is, in fact, a princess in a flowing yellow gown.)

The shot immediately before this picture, in which the butterfly appears to first notice the bumblebee, is on my Prairie Wildflowers blog.


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