Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fewer Snowy Owls - are they heading north, away from Regina?

Regina, Saskatchewan: There are fewer snowy owls now. A few weeks ago, any drive in the countryside would lead to half a dozen of more sightings of owls on posts and poles. Today, I saw only two: one far off into a field, and one skittish regular near St. Michael's, the retreat in Lumsden, SK.

Here's what may be my last clear shot for the year, a snowy owl north off Regina, west of Highway Six on the way to Craven.  I feel honoured to have witnessed the Winter 11/12 owl irruption from the Arctic.

Snowy Owl, February 20, 2012
north of Regina, SK, Canada  ©SB

What are these? Snowy Owls. For more pictures of these birds, see LatitudeDrifts
Location: near Regina,Saskatchewan.  
Photo dates: February 20, 2012


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