Sunday, March 4, 2012

The March Hare in my Regina Alley

After a mild winter, it's already March. But snow still covers the ground and the prairie hares are still very white. I startled this one when I backed my van out of the garage this morning. It ran ahead of me, down the alley — then stopped to pose for a picture. (Long lens; I was about one short alley block away.)

The March Hare -- prairie hare, March 4, 2012. 

I have other pictures of hares in this blog, at Whitetailed Jackrabbits in my Neighbourhood, and in LatitudeDrifts, at Morning Jackrabbits in Regina

What is this? White-tailed jackrabbit or prairie hare.
Location: Regina,Saskatchewan.
Photo dates: March 4, 2012


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