Friday, May 11, 2012

Black and White Warblers: Willow Creepers

My latest warbler of the year is the Black and White Warbler, a tiny distinctive bird that creeps up, down and around the trunks of trees, foraging for insects. 

Again, I'd love to have a clearer shot of this guy, but he was either too watchful and shy, or too occupied by the bugs in the depths of crannies and on the backs of branches to wait for me to focus.  

Black and White Warbler pauses in his downward
feeding walk on this willow tree.  © SB
Upside down Black and White Warbler watches me. © SB

What is this?  Black and White Warbler  
Location: Les Sherman Park (west of Neil Balkwill Centre) Regina, Saskatchewan.
Photo date: May 9, 2012.  

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