Friday, May 11, 2012

Yellow Warblers: Spring in Regina

The Yellow Warblers are back — it finally feels like spring is really here in Saskatchewan! There is even a hint of summer in their bright flashes of colour in the trees. 

Warblers are shy creatures, and unlike shore birds that placidly pose in open water, they like to hide in bushes. From me, at least. 

And so, while it would be lovely to post a clear shot of these bright Yellow Warblers, that is not yet to be, as they have yet to pose for me...

Yellow Warbler © SB  

Hiding in the branches © SB   

Yellow Warbler
in willows
© SB   

What are these?  Yellow Warblers  
Location: #1-2, Wascana Park, Regina, Saskatchewan (near the swimming pool); #3, Condie Nature Refuge, Saskatchewan.
Photo date: #1-2, May 9, 2012; #3, May 5, 2012.  


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