Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forster's Tern: Tumbling from the sky

On a gray May Saskatchewan day, this white tern tumbled from the sky into a slough and caught — I wonder what? The tern's black-tipped orange beak seems to be holding something dark. A fish, perhaps?

This has been identified as a Forster's tern for several reasons:
  1. It looked almost white;
  2. Its tail is luxuriously long and beautiful — a give-away sign;
  3. Several have been noted here recently.

Elegance of motion, white feathers, wing, tail, clouds © SB 
The splash and capture by Forster's Tern © SB 
Success - the tern flies away with his prize © SB 

What is this?  Forster's Tern  
Location: Near Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan.
Photo date: May 21, 2012.  


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