Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mountain Bluebird in the Valley

Mountain Bluebird on fence
beside its nestbox  © SB
On the weekend, I saw two nest boxes in the valley with active pairs of Mountain Bluebirds hovering nearby.

A rarity, yes, as most boxes along the Qu'Appelle east of Craven are busily occupied by tree swallows.

And oh, the loveliness of this tiny bird!

Mountain Bluebirds are so vividly blue — and so amazingly easy to pass by without even seeing.

I'm fascinated by how colours that on close examination look vivid and distinct blend to invisibly into the surroundings.

But then again, perhaps we rarely look at what surrounds us.

I feel honoured to know these bright, impossibly possible Mountain Bluebirds exist, and somewhat sad to realize it took me 15 year in Saskatchewan to find them.

At the nestbox  © SB

What is this?  Mountain Bluebird
Location: Near the little church across the valley from Craven, Saskatchewan.
Photo date: May 19, 2012.  


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