Friday, May 11, 2012

Yellow-Rumped Warblers: Wascana Park, Regina

Warbler bandit on patrol
Yellow-rumped Warbler at Wascana Park. ©SB 
I saw my first warblers this month — and these Yellow-rumped Warbler were among the first.

Yellow-rumped Warblers may look brown flitting through the trees.

However, with luck, few leaves and good lighting, as soon as the warblers stop on a branch, the yellow flashes on the head, sides and rump will be clearly visible — along with the black head markings.

(And is it just me, or does the top warbler look like it's scowling?) 

A much more friendly looking bird.©SB  

What are these?  Yellow-rumped Warblers
Location: Wascana Park, Regina, Saskatchewan (first: north of the Legislative Buildings; second, along the path by the lake, south of the summer bird refuge.)  
Photo date: May 4, 2012


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