Monday, July 23, 2012

Baltimore Oriole: Improbably, brilliantly orange

I've seen very few Baltimore Orioles this season — only two, in fact: first, the improbably, brilliantly orange and black bird in this photograph, taken in Saskatchewan's Qu'Appelle Valley; and second, an equally vibrantly orange bird, high in a tree in Regina's Wascana Park.

Baltimore Orioles summer and breed here, but so far, the specialized oriole feeder we bought is not doing its job: Not a single oriole has been sighted in or near our yard.

I was startled when this bird landed on a post beside me;
such a brilliant colour!  © SB

What is this bird? A Baltimore Oriole
Location: In the Qu'Appelle Valley, on the road from Rte 99 over to the little church near Craven, Saskatchewan. 
Photo date:  May 25, 2012. 


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