Sunday, July 22, 2012

Prairie Muskrats in Saskatchewan

Muskrat near Chaplin, Saskatchewan © SB  
Today, a few photographs of muskrats from my files.

These furry mammals with their long front teeth and freaky bony fingers are common in prairie sloughs and creeks, where they glide silently through murky water, swishing their leathery black tails.

The photos here of muskrats are all from early spring, when ice folded at the edges of the water, and packed snow lined the creeks. 

The first two pictures —  muskrat facing left, and the same muskrat swimming — were taken near the lake south of Chaplin, Saskatchewan, at the end March. Warm weather came late this year and that's ice on the bank, not sand. 

The third picture, of a muskrat eating a submerged reed, was also taken in late March  and chunks of ice are obvious around the muskrat's feet. 

Muskrat near Chaplin swimming in the creek.   © SB   
Early Spring. Muskrat at Valeport Marsh, Saskatchewan © SB  

What are these animals? Muskrats
Location: #1 and #2: South of Chaplin, Saskatchewan; #3: Valeport Marsh, near Craven, Saskatchewan. 

Photo date: #1 and #2: March 31, 2012; #3: March 25, 2012. 


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