Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring: Snow and White-outs

On the first day of spring, I drove 50 km to Regina Beach to visit a friend, in white-outs, white-knuckle driving for part of the way.

If you need to take a picture to prove you were there, check
the rear view mirror, find a safe pull-out, be wary, then shoot © SB

What a strange winter climate we have in Saskatchewan. (Summer, ditto, but that's another post.)

The ten feet nearest the ground can be impossible to see through, while above that, only blue!

We have blizzards without any snowfall. All we need are high winds and loose snow, and the whole world whirls in white, white washing away distance, vision, depth, perception... Snakes, finger drifts, white drowning in white white white white white white white.

And while other places are rejoicing in daffodils and tulips, we fear the highway still... (And, with reason. On my way to the Beach, I passed emergency vehicles — fire, ambulance, tow...)

Snow! I feel buried 6.5 feet under — this year's record fall. I want mud, buds, birds and spring!

What is this? Blowing snow on the highway. 
Location: Near Regina, Saskatchewan. 
Photo dates:  March 20, 2013


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